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-Create awareness and educate the public on mental health and mental health disorders.

-Eliminate stigma through promotion of positive attitudes towards the mentally challenged in the society.

-Promotion of healthy attitudes and positive Socio-Cultural attributes among the youth.

– Provide a guide to proper counseling and support groups.

-Provide interaction between mental health care providers and foster collaboration with other healthcare workers.

– Appropriate training of mental healthcare personnel.

-Encourage and disseminate mental health related research.

-Collaborate with local and international organisations with similar goals.

-Reach out to the vulnerable groups in the society (IDPs, Refugees, Children, Women and the Aged).


-Enlighten the public on mental health and its related areas.

-Campaign against alcohol and drug abuse in schools, churches, etc.

-Rehabilitation of substance abusers in partnership with mental health centers and rehabilitation facilities.

– Provide Psycho social support to Internally displaced persons (IDP’s), Refugees, deportees, Victims of natural and man-made disasters.

-Organise medical outreaches with emphasis on mental health.

-Organise mental health workshops/trainings for healthcare givers.

-Organise Seminars on youth self-development/improvement.

-Assessment of persons with psychological disorders and their follow up treatment

-Radio programmes with Capital Fm and Nigeria Info Abuja.

-Organise Conferences on Mental Health.

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