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We are Center for Information and Prevention of Mental Disorders (CIPMED). The conceptualization of CIPMED began in July 2012 when it became apparent to the founder that there is so much ignorance about mental illness in the society and this cuts across all strata of society giving rise to fake and dubious “Mental health Practitioners” who take advantage of their victims by dispossessing   them of their property and making their mental well-being worse than they had mecollege paper writer buy an essayt it. CIPMED was registered with the corporate affairs commission (CAC) on the twentieth day of March 2014 as a Non – Governmental Organization.https://domyhomework.pro/ https://spyphoneapps.me

Our primary focus is to enhance the mental well being of the populace through accurate information dissemination. We believe   that knowledge is power and once the society is empowered   by accurate and right information on all aspects of mental health, their mental well being will be automatically enhanced.

To achieve our goals, we organize seminars, outreaches, conferences. We also give radio talks ancollege paper writer buy an essayd publish Newsletters. We also disseminate information on our web page and through several social media platforms.https://domyhomework.pro/ https://spyphoneapps.me


CIPMED will be talking about Mental Health issues by 1 pm every first (1st) wednesday of the month on Nigeria info Abuja 95.1 FM. Tune in to listen.
CIPMED: Be informed. Think Right. Act Right.
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